An Enlightening Dining Experience...
No holiday in Santorini is complete without an epicurean experience that will pleasantly provoke your senses far beyond you could imagine! Our highly creative and skilled chef has created ingeniously delectable and enticingly spirited fusion recipes,
putting his heart and soul to transform Greek dishes into modern culinary masterpieces. As a result, the à la carte menu of Phōs is rich in elaborate textures, scintillating aromas, and exciting flavors, using premium materials that are sourced from fresh local products.
Dining at Phōs Hotel is not an ordinary experience
Besides the gourmet delicacies that are prepared and served to perfection, you will indulge in an eclectic collection of sublime cocktail blends and concoctions, that will not only complement your dishes but will also skyrocket your “pleasure-meter” to unprecedented heights.
On top of that, you will be served in a mesmerizing setting, on the private terrace of your suite or villa by the pool, where you will gaze at a breathtaking vista of the volcano and the caldera – a view to match the fervid gastronomic creations of our chef. Bon Appétit!
The Heart & Soul of Phos
Coming from a long line of cooks, our Chef, Kostas Angelopoulos, was born carrying creative cooking genes in his DNA. He started his career at an early age cooking in small restaurants, when he decided to enroll at one of the best cooking schools in Greece, CHEF D' OEUVRE. In the meantime, he started working in some of the country's finest restaurants and hotels, mastering his art alongside prestigious Greek Chefs.

In the years that followed, he set out on a culinary journey throughout Greece, discovering the secrets of traditional gastronomy in local cuisines, and exploring the dynamics of unique ingredients and their combinations. In his gastronomic wanderings, he was inspired to transform traditional recipes into modern masterpieces while preserving their distinctive character.

Finally, in 2015, all roads led him here in Santorini, where, within a short time, he won an FNL award -two years in a row- in the category of creative Greek cuisine. His future aspiration is to raise the bar of the creative Greek cuisine higher, experimenting with, unknown to most, exquisite local products and innovative recipes.
The Heart & Soul of Phos<br>Gastronomy
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