Graced with Greek φῶς -the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible- our boutique hotel embodies the Cycladic radiance. Destined to encompass the luminous landmark Lighthouse of Akrotiri, our hotel transforms into a stream of light, that merges with the endless blue hues of the Aegean sea. In an interminable glowing atmosphere of high aesthetics, a game of light unravels. The plush asymmetric chandelier at the reception brings in mind the spiral of light, while the whimsical hidden lights adorn the hotel's Suites and Villas. 

Comprising the timeless Cycladic tradition with our signature hospitality, Phōs the Boutique Hotel provides a unique stay in a secluded atmosphere. With an eye for detail, our Suites and Villas share a serene ambiance, away from the bustling Santorini’s capital. Rich textures and refined elements indulge the visitor in a visual and tactile experience. 

In a scenic setting, the private infinity pools open out to swoon-worthy panoramic vistas. The volcanic landscape and the imposing Caldera constitute quite the backdrop, to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring celestial wonders that take place as the sun dives in the sparkling waters. 
Tailored made services cater to distinct requests for a personalized experience. Dedicated to creating a private haven for our guests, we created a secluded sanctuary to enjoy unique moments.
Akrotiri | Santorini Greece
GR 847 00
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