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A deep insight into Akrotiri’s history

A deep insight into Akrotiri’s history
Just 15 kilometers away from island's capital Fira, Akrotiri is a magnificent village of unparalleled beauty, with a fantastic coastal line and a unique location that overlooks the ever-breathtaking caldera.  It is nestled in the foot of the Goulas -the highest tower of Akrotiri’s castle city.

Sparkling under the bright sunlight, the ancient city of Akrotiri is located in the south of the island. Being among the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, its ruins have been excellently preserved. The volcanic ash kept them well hidden from the public eye for more than 3500 years but it also played a crucial role in their preservation process. Known also as the Pompeii of the Cyclades, Akrotiri rich story enhanced the legend of the lost Atlantis. 

Still, archaeologists can’t find the original name of the settlement, so it was named after the village located nearby. 

A Minoan city from the mid-seventeenth century BC will unveil its history before your eyes. Intriguing families, streets, houses and squares adorned this majestic site before the great volcanic eruption. The visitor can find even the remains of the city’s drainage system. 

Constantly guiding ships that roam the Aegean from Piraeus to Alexandria, the lighthouse is a landmark edifice and one of the best in Greece. It's situated an altitude of 58 meters, standing proudly bathed in the glaring sun of the Aegean. In 1988 the lighthouse became fully automated. For the most enchanting experience of your trip to the lighthouse, watch from there the celestial feasts taking place during sunset.
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